CHING® Power JAM!!™ 3-Disc Set

Features D.R.A.F.T. Technology with a 9-Point Excelerator™ Pattern (variable thumb positions) in each model:


Velocity™ for Controlled Fairway Distance


Precision™ for Midrange and Utility shots


Juju™ for Putt & Approach range.


​CHING® Velocity™ is the absolute best choice for accuracy on long line drives and downwind distance. Plenty of opportunity for big-arms to hold the hyzer or work this disc over on long high anhyzers. If you've got the juice to make it cruise, the D.R.A.F.T.™ System will lead you straight down the fairway with a subtle low speed return. Dial in the right Excelerator™ grip position to match your style and you'll see why the Velocity™ name speaks for itself.

An all around midrange flyer, CHING® Precision™ is a great crossover in the Juju™< Precision™< Velocity™ series. Great gliding dome and reliable return. All three models are designed to be relatively stable (straight flyers with low fade) at moderate arm-speed... a very effective combination, especially for most players in the recreational through advanced tournament divisions.

CHING® Juju™ is a multi-purpose short range golf disc suitable for putting and approaching. It has a tall flat nose for chain target surface contact, and to slow it down for controlled upshots. The flight is designed for neutral stability that holds a line; minimal fade so you'll land flat where you aim. The rim depth is similar to typical putter profiles, but is comfortably enhanced by the Excelerator™ contours. Perfectly balanced for steady accurate flights.​