CHING® Golf Disc Plastics

Power Line™

Tournament-durability, affordable price.

CHING® POWER LINE is blended in a special mix of materials designed for tournament-durability at an affordable price. Power Line Excellent grip in all weather, this plastic becomes 'experienced' over time for players that have learned to appreciate bag rotation.

The Power™ Line was originally released in the old 'military' series, and has now been resurrected in very similar materials to fill our patented D.R.A.F.T.™ disc designs.


Supreme™ Line

Tough eye candy + more stability.

CHING® SUPREME LINE is a super durable, top-of-the-line plastic blend for consistent flight performance. Supreme Line Each model is crafted from the finest urethane based materials mixed specifically for the profile of the disc.

Durability, appearance, and slightly increased stability are obvious benefits from the moment you test any model in this series. See for yourself why CHING® SUPREME™ is the series preferred by rising pros.



Fusion™ Line

Fusion™ in RE-development.