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CHING® is the sense of your achievement.. the resonance of your success. It is the moment of echo when triumph is realized & amplified in a fleeting bid to satisfy your passion.


CHING®  is also a Registered Trademark and a Division of Holgate Inc, an independent development Corporation headquartered in Western North Carolina USA.


The CHING®  brand was officially established in 1997 with the debut of our Proprietary Full-Color Golf-Disc Printing Technology. Cutting edge graphics and improved flight stability resulted from our exclusive printing process, For the first time ever our services allowed custom, short run, digital capabilities for individualized tournament trophies and/or personalized images - which would soon after prove to benefit enthusiasts, clubs, tournament directors, governing organizations, and even licensed competitors. This marked a revolutionary improvement to hotstamp images on flying plastic, which has since launched a new digital era in the custom graphic market; it also directed interest toward flying disc technology, target development, and opportunities to scale.


A range of four golf disc models was collaborated using contracted molding & distribution for the original 'military' CHING®  Power Line™  (Bomb, Sniper, Stinger, Tank). We established the function and categorical marketing of these discs, and we defined what are now considered to be the most common insdustry 'types' of golf discs:  Distance Drivers,  Fairway Drivers,  Midrange, and  Putt & Approach.


Meanwhile, we continued review & testing of targets. A backyard-prototype was tweeked for tooling/setup, and a working model debuted for sale in 2002 as our Patented  CHING®  Skill-Shot™  portable disc golf target (US Patent #6,776,417). The technology was breakthrough, from the 'umbrella' collapseable style to the  S.N.A.T.C.H.™  action design (Series Networked Axil Tension Chain Harness™ ). Most significantly, it benchmarked a new standard for quality, affordable disc golf targets and penetrated the general public-sphere.


Strong foundations in flight analysis and stability were already conceived in Patents US #4,568,297 and US #5,531,624. We combined those concepts of 'changing aerodynamic configuration based on speed to compensate for understability' with 'spoiler design for throwability, superior distance and superior flight path predictability '. Our 2006 Patemted   CHING®  D.R.A.F.T.™   Systems resist turnover without reducing glide - from putters to drivers (US Patent #7,081,032).


The market for Disc Golf portable targets has flourished and another  CHING®  concept for catching discs was conceived around 2010, but it wasn't until 2013 that actual development was initiated on the (Patent Pending #13953996CHING®  Pop-Up™  Disc Golf Target. Projected to launch in 2017, we anticipate a strong debut in the '12 chain' disc golf target class; 




As a disc is over-clocked (pushed beyond it's optimal flight-speed) and starts to float toward understability, D.R.A.F.T.™ Technology  reduces turnover and improves glide. The gyroscopic force of a spinning disc maintains it's orientation in flight, but when orientation is disrupted on one edge of the disc then it reacts at a 90degree angle. This applied science asserts that downward forces from the recessed back-edge spoiler are sent around in the direction of the spin to apply downward forces on the side, therby automatically adjusting to throttle hi-speed drift.

​ We call these thumb contours Excelerators™ in our patented D.R.A.F.T.™ golf discs. Each pattern of Excelerators™ in the golf disc flight plate can be used advantageously for Ergonomics and/or Aerodynamics:

Ergonomically, the various Excelerator™ positions are designed to accommodate individual player preference, providing consistency and incremental adjustment as you dial in a comfortable and appropriate grip. You may experience the ability to put more spin and/or velocity on the disc, as the contours provide a lateral-dimensionally enhanced grip. Placing your thumb closer to the center of the disc seems to suit hyzer throws, as this may allow the nose of the disc to rise during launch. The thumb location on top is leveraged at-or-behind fingers below to lift nose. Placing your thumb farther to the outside (near the edge of the rim seems to suit anhyzer throws, as this tends to push the nose down. The thumb location on top is leveraged in front of the fingers below to push the nose down.

Aerodynamically, the Excelerator™ contours combine rotationally in flight to create a speed sensitive spoiler.. so discs traveling with more speed and spin experience turnover resistance (disc holds the line you put it on, with less hi-speed understability). Slower flying/spinning discs are minimally effected by turbulence from the partially-combined vacant space, which allows the disc's natural glide characteristics to prevail (disc holds the line you put it on, with less low-speed overstability).

US Patent #7,081,032

A flying disc for use in recreational activities and sports, such as for catch and throw, Ultimate, disc golf, and the like. The flying disc is configured for enhanced flight characteristics, throwability, trick shot capability and durability. The flying disc includes a circular flight deck section and an outer rim connected thereto. Contoured features are provided in a pattern in the flight deck section. The contoured features define cavities in the flight deck section and protrude beneath the flight deck section. The contoured features provide a variety of gripping positions on the top and bottom of the disc for generating greater snapping force when releasing the disc. The contoured features also create a Coanda effect that stabilizes the disc during flight. And, since the contoured features are recessed from the top of the flight deck section, the advantages of flight stability are achieved without a loss of flight distance.



We do not sell Skill-Shots™.​ This product is licensed to Innova. Please contact them directly for Skill-Shot™ purchase/service information.
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